CTAWW 2019

Western Washington

HEAL OUR CHURCH  is an organization of Western Washington
Catholics seeking greater accountability in our Archdiocese: 
JANUARY 20, 2020 -  HEAL OUR CHURCH sends letter to
Archbishop Etienne asking to meet.  SEATTLE TIMES publishes
Op-Ed and gives Editorial support.
MARCH -  Archbishop Etienne replies and proposes May 13 meeting
which Etienne …later postpones
JUNE 9 - Archbishop Etienne sends letter DECLINING TO MEET.
OCT. 3 - Heal Our Church holds webinar available on their website
NOV. 12 - Letter to the Editor of SEATTLE TIMES: 
Heal Our Church condemns
Hierarchy Following McCarrick Report and again asks for meeting
Nov. 12, 2020
As concerned members of the Catholic faithful in the Seattle
Archdiocese, we find the recent report detailing decades of sexual
abuse by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick raises far more questions
than answers.  For all the claims of conducting a transparent and
legitimate investigation, the Church has again exercised complete
authority and predictable secrecy over how it addresses the continuing
sexual abuse crisis.  Healing for the many victims of clerical abuse
begins with honesty and justice, and it is a strange concept of justice
where the accused secretly sits in judgement of their accusers.
Transparency is not a word, it is an action.  An external, independent,
lay led review of Chancery files concerning the history and disposition
of clerical abuse in the Seattle Archdiocese is the first priority of our
committee, Heal our Church (healourchurch.org). We are a broad
based group of lay leaders calling for a Truth and Reconciliation
process to seek justice for survivors, and answer the “how and
why” of the clerical abuse crisis.
In a letter to pastoral leaders from Archbishop Etienne on November 11,
he states that “we [the Archdiocese] have a commitment to transparency
and action…” and yet, ironically, he has refused numerous invitations to
meet with our committee.  It is doubly ironic that the long delayed but
straightforward and thorough McCarrick report was written by a lay
lawyer given access to files by the Vatican.
Transparency and justice cannot coexist with the clericalism that has
plagued our Church for centuries. Please visit our website for more
Clark Kimerer
Barbara Ruzzo
Mike Sullivan
Steering Committee Members, healourchurch.org
(Despite Archbishop Etienne's claim to welcome lay participation and
clerical accountability, he has stonewalled even conducting an exploratory
meeting with HEAL OUR CHURCH.  For further information check their
website:  www.healourchurch.org)
Pat Callahan’s annotations on
                                       CLERICALISM AND THE MATRIX I am currently reading the brilliant book on racism CASTE by Isabel Wilkerson.  In an early chapter The Invisible Program she uses the analogy of the movie The Matrix to describe the seemingly invisible forces of racism which subsides only when people become aware of its presence: " The great quest in the film series The Matrix involves those humans who awaken to this realization as they search for a way to escape their entrapment.  Those who accept their programming get to lead deadened, surface lives enslaved to a semblance of reality.   They are captives, safe on the surface, as long as they are unaware of their captivity........but those who awaken to their captivity threaten the hum of the Matrix.  Any attempt to escape their imprisonment risks detection, signals a breach in the order, exposes the artifice of unreality that has been imposed upon human beings.  The Matrix, the unseen master program fed by the survival instinct of an automated collective does not react well to threats to its existence.............." In reading Wilkerson's analogy regarding racism, our hierarchical/clerical Church came to mind.   We all know that the Jesus message of the Gospels in no way implies or suggests the creation of our highly institutionalized Church structures that came about largely to mimic feudal models after the collapse of the Roman Empire.  Catholic "indoctrination" that many of us experienced in parochial schools and with the Baltimore Catechism imposed a Matrix with laity in a parent/child relationship with the clergy who were supposed to be servants of the people of God, not rule over them.  Despite the huge failings of the Institution as exemplified in the recent report on former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick to even protect our own children from clerical predators, there is still the insistence that laity should be docile and submissive with the actual management of the Church in the hands of the all male, supposedly celibate clergy.  It appears that despite its manifest failings, most of the laity are still trapped in The Matrix of a clerically dominated Church. Pat Callahan